Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Brand yourself among your peers: Few Innovative tips

As management students and working professionals we need to continue our job along with huge bunch of peers. Directly or indirectly our professional life is influenced by our peer group. So it’s very essential that we should maintain a strong brand value in the eyes of our peers. Today in this blog the author will attempt to write a few innovative measures that can help individuals in maintaining a strong brand value in the eyes of their peer. Having said this ,the author will like to clarify that the basic rules of individual branding such as hard work, crisis handling abilities , Socializing abilities ,dependability etc are extremely important for maintaining a good image in the eyes of your peers but along with them if the following few tips are followed then it will be of great help .

• Never try to show off your superiority in front of your peers. This can hamper your brand value like anything. In fact fundamentally one should not even think that he is superior than his peer group . The reason being very simple, a group of peers constitute a set of individuals who have more or less same dimensions of competencies and their cannot be much of a difference between two individuals who share the same professional space.(let’s say two management student studying in the same college, only difference that can happen is that one might be good in one stream and the other might be in something else. So your unwanted bragging of yourself or showing off of your attitude will not do nay favor other than putting the general opinion of your peers against you.

• Having said this does not mean that you should not try to project your positive side . Whenever you feel that there is an opportunity where you can deliver never miss the chance. But again be cautious, only be active where you can be active, don’t try to snoop into stuffs that are not your cup of tea, because that might give you the tag of attention seeker.

• You might have a very interesting idea and you are extremely passionate about it, but before shooting it out in public just think once , is the mass sitting around equally passionate, are they going to take it with interest or will they be reluctant to hear it. One must understand the fact that whenever one speaks something publicly he is using his time as well as the time of others. So it is very essential that one must consider the interest of others. Neglecting the given idea can give you the tag of a bugger.

• Avoid being a rebel. Being a rebellion always sounds fascinating and inspiring, but these things work only in the novels of Ayan Rand. In practical life generally being too rebellion does not work.

• Always try to do few things that can be of common interest to your peers. Example let’s say there is a confusion among your peers regarding the pay appraisal policy of the company and you have got a document that explains it elaborately then rather than keeping it to yourself it is advisable to put it in a public folder or send through a batch mail .This can boost your image like anything.

• Along with regular intellectual stuff that one does ,one must also put equal amount of efforts in general routine stuffs, events, and activities that keep on happening in the work place. Not only the intellectual stuff that one does but also these sweat drenching stuffs are also very obvious in the eyes of your peers. So there is no point neglecting them.


  1. Very rightly said paritosh......competition in today's era is so strong that marketing rather "right marketing" is very important.Anything less or more is surely harmful.Taking my view to this lets take an example of a movie to be released...if not promoted ,willl lead to loss of audience and bucks and if overpromoted may become a source of controversy. :)

  2. i would add a bit,,u can have absolute advantage in more than one fields but not comparative advantage in more than one feild,,,so act accordingly and be flexible there,,,,it was a nice one..

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  3. Oh........I loved it.. I will surely read it again and again. These tips are very strong and relevant to all of us :D Thanks :D
    Listen, I have one problem...You might help me to solve it.
    I have this tendency to speak sponataneously the weird,hurting, senseless, and lame things in front of my peers. I do all greats job but this trait of mine is negatively branding my personality. What should I do about it?
    I cant stop talking because I m extrovert. Also, people tag me depressed whenever i am quite. But uttering senseless things also hurting my brand. what should I do?
    Managment Guru, plz give me a good tip :D and, help me to come out of it.

  4. @ Azar :-well nothing much to worry,i was having the very same tendency at one stage of my life....just follow the following steps:-
    1> before speking out any thing just think onec..what impact will it make to a neutral listener and then based on that take the more thing even if u r cautious enough there will be few stuffs coming out of ur mouth which will nt make any sense but dont worry ,,with time it will go down...

    that was a pratical come to the foundation...u knw why do u ahve d prob..because ur anxiety level is high n u should try 2 reduce it...simple meditation technique such as counting ur breath might help..

  5. OK thanks........ Thanks...I knew the first suggestion but I could not implement it. I always regret after saying it..........

  6. Paritosh,

    I really liked this post and feel it is extremenly pertinent. I took the liberty of tweeting about it (

    Thanks for the advice.


  7. i should be thankful to you mate