Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review of Blue Ocean Strategy Research Paper

Author attempts to review a research paper that describes the Blue Oceanic thinking in 20-20 cricket.The link for the research paper goes as follows:-


PRODUCT:- 20-20 cricket.

MARKET:- vast majority of people that include both cricket followers as well as non followers who will be impressed by the newer version of cricket which packs cricket,thrill,speed and entertainment altogether .

The given research (in the form of ppts) is about the use of blue ocean strategy to innovate a newer version of cricket known as 20-20 cricket which packs a great amount of thrill and entertainment along with the usual stuffs of a cricket match.

The paper discusses that earlier there were one day international and test cricket which were having limited loyal customers but after implementing value based innovation which was combined with entertainment, a newer version have been created in the form of 20-20 cricket which is much shorter, less time consuming but gives a high value of entertainment and thrill to its viewers. A strategy canvass curve is drawn which states that for 20-20 cricket viewers have to spend less money and time but get a very high value of return in the form of entertainment, speed of the game, involvement of the family, certainty of result ,excitement etc.

Analysis of the 20-20 cricket had also been attempted with an ERRC framework. The frame work states that:-


1> Conventional Wisdom about cricket


1> Time spend

2> Money spend

3> Uncertainty of result


1> Pace of game.

2> Excitement

3> Poll of young talent


1> A new industry itself that takes its inspiration from both cricket as well as well entertainment.

In the final slides a classification had been made for 20-20 cricket, one day international, and test cricket as pioneer( one that changes the industry’s strategic canvass by giving value innovation to its non customers coupled with huge expenditure on promotion so that the new concept can be positioned well ), migrator (one that applies some innovation to give better value to customers but still is unable to change the industry’s strategic canvass), settler( one whose strategic canvass resembles the industry’s strategic canvass by 100 % and which plays entirely in the red ocean) respectively .

TYPE OF THE PAPER:- Practical application.


There are further scopes of improvement:-

1> Comparison of the 20-20 version of game with the most famous sport of the world that is soccer can add more value to the research.

2> The case only talks about the blue oceanic thinking involved in 20-20 cricket. Annexation of success sagas like IPL & 20-20 World cup can add more value to the researc

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