Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogs have edge over Books


The author is of the opinion that in the realm of management following a good blog might be much fruitful than reading a management book. Though there are many reasons for that but fundamentally it’s the very basic nature of blogs and books that gives advantage to the blog over the books.These can be summed as follows:-

Blogs are always latest and books are always old:- One must understand that the realm of business management is very dynamic and changes very fast. It takes many years to write a book,hence a book can never be latest,by the time a book undergoes its idea phase and by the time it comes to publication there is always a gap of few years .Even the latest of the books will talk about something that had taken place some 4-5 years back. In contrast to this a blog is always latest,fresh and captures the present situation in a better way.

Blogs are to the point where as books have a high degree of redundancy:- Blogs are always to the point but on the other hand books have high degree of redundancy. A book needs to be of few hundred pages, as a result of which even if the author does not want he has to repeat certain stuffs end no. of times. This makes the book boring after some time.

Comments add value to blog:- Comments add lot of value to a blog,it helps in understanding it better,gives additional information and can also add counter views. No such facility is available in book.(Though these days stuffs like book reviews can be of some help but they cannot be as instant as comments)

A blog has a very high degree of variability where as books are generally written on a single idea:- An author can write an end no. of posts on various issues on the same blog.Thus following such blogs give eclectic knowledge. In contrast just take any management book such as Positionong,Judo Strategy,Hard Ball etc and you will see that it’s the same central idea that keeps on repeating itself.

Blogs are small ,books are too large:- last but not the least books are so large that one has to think twice whether to go for it or not, in contrast blogs are small enough to at least not de motivate you from reading it.

(Well having said this author will like state few facts based on his experience:-
1> One should not jump directly to blogs. Initially one should try to read few good books first
2> The given analysis is more applicable for business management related stuffs.
3> Views are personal)


  1. Sir, I m not opposing Blogs...

    but as one read a book, he comes to know about the elaborated points, blog is something which relates to the point...

    blogs are the single person's view, but the books are generally written by more then one person.

    this may be a phycology of peoples, but large books are more preferred as they elaborate and describe each n every point quantitatively and qualitatively...

    blogs are something which tells us about latest views but the old views are only preferred by books.

    searching blog for a particular, and reading it without complete info. might be a tough task, this problem can be solved by book reading as searching a book in library or internet is more reliable...

    well, you have written over, that "one should try to read few good books first"
    the same i would say....

  2. both have their share of merits and demerits....But one thing for sure that blogs are very effective in making a non reader attracted towards reading..because ample of people tend to shy away from reading books but not blogs...example being me myself :)