Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Analysis of E-Commerce in MENA , Part 3- Nahel Vs Souq

In the last two articles on E-commerce, we analyzed the internet statistics & consumption behavior in MENA region. The subsequent articles including this one will be dedicated to emerging e-commerce websites in the region. In recent past, few successful e-commerce websites- Nahel, Souq, Cobone, Sukar, and Emiratesavenue.com etc - have emerged in the digital media landscape of the region.

The following analysis will compare Souq & Nahel- two of the leading multiple goods online e-commerce sites active in the region. The scope of comparison will be general facts, web & social media analytics.

Souq Vs Nahel

Table 1: compares Nahel & Souq across some general facts. Source: Nahel & Souq websites

                Table 2: compares Nahel & Souq websites. Source: Google Double click ad planner

Table 3:  Shows the popularity of the two websites, for various demographic profiles, in comparison to general internet population.  Source: alexa.com

Table 4: compares Nahel & Souq across basic social media parameters. (Note: the Facebook facts for Souq is only for Souq Uae)


·         Souq has a much wider presence than Nahel, which is focused on UAE/Dubai only.
·         The high popularity of Souq could be attributed to- early mover advantage, offices across the region, options for selling as well, broader payment gateway options etc.
·         Nahel as a brand is more focused on working class educated females from UAE. Contrast to this Souq has a broader presence.


  1. Hello. Thank you for your report. Can you please advise where are you getting your stats and figures from?

  2. try website measurement sites like Alexa & Google double click ad planner. For social media u can try something like "tweetstats" or all facebook stats

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