Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comparative Analysis of FaceBook Pages of Dubai & Singapore Tourism

In the present “Social Era”, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus play pivotal roles in building individual brands. Previously we compared the “Twitter” page of “I Love Dubai” & “YourSingapore”. In this blog post, we will compare their “Facebook” page. Twitter, though an effective marketing tool is still way behind Facebook. Facebook enjoys a user base of 800 million worldwide. It’s the sheer volume of Facebook, which has helped it metamorphosed from a pure play social networking site to one of the biggest digital marketing platform. The tool used will be “AllFacebookStats” & “Simply Measured”& period of analysis will be one month & one week respectively.  

                          Fig 2: shows the count of fans of both the pages.  Source: allfacebookstats

Fig 3: compares the number of fans added for both the pages in the last one month (Selected dates). Source: Allfacebookstats.

Table 1: compares both the pages across various interaction parameters, for last one month. Source: AllFacebook Facts

Fig 4: shows number of weekly own post for the pages, in the last one month (Here Ws means weeks, starting from 3rd week of Jan; since the analysis covers only one month, 3rd week of jan & last week of feb are  not  fully covered). Source: Allfacebookstats 

Fig 5: shows average interactions (Likes + Comments) per “own posts” on a weekly basis, for both the pages in one last month. Source: AllFacebook Stats

Fig 6: shows the comments & likes on photos & videos in last one week for “I Love Dubai”. Source: simply measured

Fig 7: shows some of the popular posts of “I love Dubai” in terms of likes. Source: Simply Measured

Conclusion & Suggestion

·         In the last section we did an analysis of twitter accounts of “YourSingapore” & “I Love Dubai”. The former had an insurmountable lead over the later. But in case of Facebook, it went spectacularly off the mark. “I Love Dubai” has outplayed “YourSingapore” across all the parameters- post, links, likes, comments, rate of adding fans etc.  

·         The “I Love Dubai” page suggests- videos are more interactive than photos.

·         YourSingapore has bigger fan base than “I Love Dubai. In spite of this, it’s taking a beating is lack of regular updates coupled with lower degree engagement per updates.

·         YourSingapore needs to ramp up the number of updates. Moreover updates need to be effective in engaging the users. It can take guidance from its Dubai counterpart. Some of most engaging updates as indicated in fig 7 are related to celebrities, cars & world famous buildings. It calls on “YourSingapore” to do something on similar lines to ramp up, its likes & comments.    


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