Saturday, May 1, 2010

Serving the BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID:-Prahalad's one of the biggest contribution

Last week we lost one of the most influential Thinker of our time mr. c.k.prahalad.Mr. prahlad will always be remembered for his end no. of contributions in the filed of management and social science .Though definitely prahlad was known for his writings on strategy and innovations but one of his most remarkable contribution has been the idea of creating wealth at the lower strata of the society .Prahald was the first man to coin jargon BOP ie bottom of the pyramid , according to him poverty is an evil that must be eradicated but it cannot be eradicated by mere political rhetoric or by just doing some philanthropy. It can be scuttled only when proper business initiatives are taken, initiatives that have a clear cut vision , clear cut plan to generate money, clear cut revenue generation model.He proposed that rather than thinking them as a burden business must consider them as a resource and devise such plans that are mutually beneficial , plans that consider the BOP crowd as potent consumers who can be catered by the modern business there by generating profits for the business and the same time should also provide enough entrepreneurial cum development opportunities to the people from BOP so that these people can avail better livelihood .

On behalf of the whole management-guru blog the author will like to pay tribute to this great persona who had enlightened the world of management in the past two decades.

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