Friday, May 21, 2010

Branding of an educational institute like "TAPMI": few innovative measures

 When it comes to the realm of branding , branding of an educational institute provides a good case to experiment, especially if the institute happens to be some some thing like "TAPMI" which though enjoys a decent amount of reputation in the academic as well as the corporate world but is surely not among the so called Indian ivey league .

In the given blog author attempts to design a few innovative ways that might help in branding "TAPMI" as an institution . (Having said this the blog is not going to describe the general tools of branding that includes the huge offline media & other regular activities such as inter college events , seminars, pr,alumni meet etc )

1. Be Online as much one can & use "TAPMI" as prefix in your user name :-Students should try to be active in lot of on line activities that should include not only the regulars like fb or orkut but also lot of blogs, websites ,forums etc and if possible the suffix "TAPMI " should be added to their regular user name .Exp:- Paritosh@TAPMI, AJAY_ TAPMI etc .That will provide a lot of on line visiblity to the college .

2. Please have more and more mentor-ship programs:- Recently "TAPMI" had started one mentor-ship program in the field of film & media marketing where a passed out alumni is mentoring a few students in the given niche area . Since the author is the part of this program it is his personal opinion that such programs are really of great use , not only do it help in building strong rapport between the college and the alumini base but it also help the current students to get some sort of industry exposure which indirectly make them more employable .

3. Reactivation of Research committee:- The defunct Research committee should be reactivated and students should participate seriously into various research activities .Point to be noted over here is that since PGP 2 can not be very active because of lot of other responsiblities the onus should be on the shoulders of PGP- 1 students .

4. Circulation of brochure :- Placement committee had distributed brochures to the students which they are suppose to submit in their mip( management in practice / internship) firms, but the author feels that a single brochure  per student is not sufficient because in the entire process of mip a student gets exposed to many companies .( for exp:- the author is doing a mip on a purely b2b kind of platform where he needs to consult around 20 big companies for a marketing research work ,similarily it applies for other students also) It will be in the favor of the brand image of college if a brochure is given not only to the mip firm but also to all other related client firms .
Now since further brochures  can not be sent to students what the placement  committee can do is that it can send the soft copy to the students from where the print out can be taken .

Though the given ideas where said in the context of "TAPMI" but can be very well used for other colleges such as IMT, XIM-B,SYMBIOSIS, GIM etc of the same league with required modifications .


  1. good thoughts. we can add some more measures like :
    (1) Guest lectures by Industry veterans.
    (2) Participation in events by companies.
    (3) convincing corporates to finance short term NGO projects.

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