Friday, December 18, 2009

It's no more about bottom line but about sustainability...

The words business and bottom line have always been synonymous, the word business makes no sense without bottom-line but in the present though bottom line is very important it's not everything, sustainability is as important as mere profit and sustainability doesn't mean sustainability in terms of making profit but also in terms of social and economic stability .In the present context it can be said that there are basically three types of bottom line-

1. General Bottom Line /Economic Bottom Line/Economical Sustenance:-A new product,or strategy makes no sense if it cannot make profit.It has to economically sustainable.

2.Social Bottom Line/Social Sustainability:-It is very essential for a business that it should be socially sustainable and shouldn't create nay social unrest in the long run, because not only economic stability but also social stability is important for a business to run smoothly in long run.

3.Enviromental Bottom Line/Environmental Sustainability:-In the present context along with socio economic sustenance environmental sustenance is also essential ,today natural resources are getting depleted at a very fast rate ,hence for the survival of a business it is essential that it has to be used in a very judicious way,Long term sustenance of a business can never be guaranteed if the business is at logger heads with the environment. Thus environmental sustainability is as important as socio economic one.


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